Rui Li


About Me

Hi, welcome.

I’m a first-year PhD student at Aalto University, supervised by Prof Arno Solin. Prior to it, I got my MSc in Machine Learning from University College London, and BSc in Physics from Sun Yat-sen University.

I’m generally interested in probabilistic machine learning, in particular Gaussian process, generative model and Bayesian deep learning. I am also interested in meta learning.



Arno Solin, Rui Li, Andrea Pilzer. “A Look at Improving Robustness in Visual-inertial SLAM by Moment Matching”. Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Fusion (2022).


Chuan Chen, Rui Li, Lin Shu, Zhiyu He, Jining Wang, Chengming Zhang, Huanfei Ma, Kazuyuki Aihara, Luonan Chen. “Predicting future dynamics from short-term time series using an Anticipated Learning Machine”. National Science Review (2020).

Rui Li, Fanghua Ye, Shaoan Xie, Chuan Chen, Zibin Zheng. “Digging into It: Community Detection via Hidden Attributes Analysis”. Neurocomputing (2019).


Rui Li, Zhengyun You, Yumei Zhang. “Deep Learning for Signal and Background Discrimination in Liquid based Neutrino Experiment”. 18th Workshop on Advanced Computing and Analysis Techniques in Physics Research (2018).